Careers in Training

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience with youngsters about to take their first steps in the corporate world?

Do you get a high out of communicating and helping others learn better?

Are you the "expert" friends turn to when they need help figuring out complex concepts?

If that describes you, we'd love to get you opportunities to teach in colleges and corporates across India!

We are constantly on the lookout for accomplished professionals in accounting, finance, sales, marketing, analytics and many more fields! We offer exciting full time and part time/freelance opportunities to suit your time constraints!

Drop us a line and our team will get in touch with you to get you on the iSTAR Trainer network!

iSTAR's trainers are professionally trained and bring their corporate work experience into the classroom. Their enthusiasm for teaching is infectious and students love the high energy levels!

— Hema Vaidyanathan

I love the absolute freedom to innovate and experiment. Best job I ever had.

— Mark Lionel

Love the young and vibrant environment that helps nurture creative growth. We are set to make history by revolutionizing the education space.

— Shruthi Varkhedkar

Trainers - BFSI, IT, Marketing

Content Developers

Subject Matter Experts - BFSI, IT, Marketing

Careers in Technology

Keen to build the next generation of tools for teaching and learning?

Want to redefine how learning happens?

Passionate about using data to make learning better?

We are constantly on the lookout for mission oriented technologists who are keen to build products that make a difference to the world!

We are working on cutting edge technologies across mobile, application servers, game development, AI and analytics to deliver a revolutionary experience to learners!

Drop us a line if you'd like to join us and put a ding in the universe!

We want to use technology to build beautiful learning experiences, The stack consists of the nodes in nodejs, the embers of emberjs, the café of Java, the beauty of HTML/CSS,/JS. Working here is an everlasting learning experience, all of us keep hitting the ceiling and challenging our skills to rebuild the education industry.

— Vaibhav Verma

The tech team at iSTAR is distinctly ambitious. It's an amazing environment- we build on cutting edge technologies to deliver impact with a truly next gen solution.

— Vishal Daga

The perfect place to change education with innovation and technology. The best part is a developer gets to work on latest technologies and frameworks, and play a significant role in architecture and design.

— Mayank Prajapati

Full Stack Developers

Java Developers

JavaScript Developers

Careers in Creative

Do you dream in a million colors?

Are you a compulsive storyteller?

Can you communicate complex concepts simply and playfully?

Do you love inventing games?

Do you live to craft beautiful visual experiences?

Do you dream of a day when stories could come alive?

Join us transform learning from a dreary chalk 'n' talk world into the magical experience it could be if we only got to craft it anew!

We have before us an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our content in the most visually exciting, interactive and engaging fashion possible. Our creative team is young and energetic and focused on bringing great content alive!

— Hema Vaidyanathan

My potential is challenged everyday. In this environment I am constantly growing.

— Clevin Rodrigues

iSTAR helps me break boundaries in my work life. With an ever changing work environment you are always ahead in the race.

— Kiran Kumar

Creative Head

Graphic Designers

Illustrator Game Design


Careers in finance

We run a tight ship, and we are constantly on the lookout for reliable, energetic professionals to help us run training operations across India!

We have opportunities across training operations management, placement management and faculty development management!

Drop us a line with your resume if that sounds like something that would excite you!

iSTAR is a nurturing ground for personal and professional growth. Every day you are sure to encounter a new challenge that just enhances the excitement of the environment.

— Bhavya Dasa

In operations, I have learnt from my company the core values of hard work and professionalism. The result is a genuine ability to deliver solutions each and every time.

— Santhosh Swamy

Head Ops

Regional Ops

Financial Controller